Perfume Passions

IMG_6307 copySo this weekend we decided to finally try out our perfume set purchased from THE PERFUME STUDIO LONDON, we bought this set last Christmas and have only just got round to giving it a go!


When blogging, we love lighting a candle to create a relaxed and creative atmosphere. This new Eve Victoria candle has an extremely exotic and oriental fragrance with a blend of Jasmine, Ginger and Frankincense. Certainly getting us ready for Christmas!

IMG_6295 IMG_6297 IMG_6299 IMG_6300 IMG_6303

The perfume process started with trying out every single one of the 18 different fragrances. We started by laying out all of the fragrance bottles and individually dipping tester strips into them. We then waited a few seconds for the smell to develop, whilst wafting the tester strips, we then quickly sorted out our favourites from the disappointments!


Here is what we thought of the fragrances…

Number 3 – The smell of this fragrance was not something we would wear, maybe something my granny would have worn?

Numbers 4 and 6 – This was a pleasant smell, but more of a room fragrance, maybe for a washroom, definitely NOT a body scent

Number 5 – Absolutely LOVED this scent, ready made perfume, could be worn on its own and not mixed with any other fragrance

Numbers 7, 8 and 9 – Neither of us are fans of floral scents, so these 3 fragrances did not work for us as all were too flowery

Number 12 – One of our faves, again could be worn on its own! Overall, not an overpowering scent, something that could be worn all day, not sickly sweet

Number 13 – Another room scent, but still a very fresh scent, linen fragrance

Number 15 – Gorgeous lavender scent, although we love this smell, probably not suitable for a perfume

Number 50 – Beautiful smell, but not for females! Very manly and typically something you’d find in a cologne

In the end, our fragrance consisted of a mixture of fragrance numbers 1, 5 and 12. Our fragrance contained bergamot, this fragrance automatically evokes a classy and expensive vibe, and is typically found in most high end perfumes.  From the start, we wanted to incorporate bergamot into our perfume, and it worked so well! We made up the 30ml glass perfume bottle, we will definitely be wearing this scent everyday!
IMG_6320 IMG_6322 IMG_6325    IMG_6342 IMG_6343 IMG_6346

Els and El



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