Festival Fever

After one of the most incredible weekends at Bestival, we wanted to share with you our festival essentials. We tried to pack lightly but really struggled and ended up massively overpacking! At least we know for next year what is needed and what can be left behind.

Toiletries and Accessories:
First up, a real essential are  these Eyelure Exaggerate 140 Lashes. We have tried so many pairs of eyelashes, and these are perfect for adding length and thickness without being too overwhelming. So easy to apply and the glue lasted all night!


Essential to keeping fresh and smelling nice are these deodorants and dry shampoos. The Sanex is great as the scent is simply fresh and clean, and the mini is handy for one if not sharing toiletries. Without access to running water the dry shampoo was a life saver, this floral and flirty combo kept hair grease-free for the entire weekend. Fab!

IMG_6250    IMG_6243

The Minion tissue pack was too cute to resist, plus handy for portaloos… The dry shower body wash was handy for the one day we couldn’t reach the showers, left us feeling brand new.

IMG_6228    IMG_6200IMG_6270IMG_6288

For us, the floral headbands were a must have to complete the festival look and be part of the boho/ hippy crowd. Our general fashion included lots of denim, shorts, tassels and fringing, Hunter wellies and of course NEVER being seen without a bum bag!

IMG_6267    IMG_6266

Here’s a collection of our favourite personal pics from the weekend. Not only was Bestival amazing, we also got out and explored the rest of the Isle of Wight as being such a small island we travelled around it all.

 IMG_62559 IMG_61870 IMG_61319   IMG_60645 IMG_8140  IMG_8123 IMG_8033 IMG_8023


Els and El



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