Seven Days in Cyprus…

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Camel Park
Our first visit was to the the Camel Park in Mazotos, where we enjoyed our first ever camel ride. Although early on in the week, this was probably the highlight of the holiday, an experience completely different from anything else! Feeding the camels was terrifying yet exhilarating as they literally ate out of the palms of our hands…

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Fascinating historical town, even if it is a little chilling. This area of Famagusta really takes you by surprise. An abundance of buildings, shops and hotels that have just been abandoned. It is hard to imagine the heartache and desperation of just walking away from your home: So far never to return…

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Water Works
From snorkelling to diving, we did it all! Most fascinating was the Under Sea Adventure. We took the opportunity to stroll along the seabed in over 10ft of clear turquoise water, we observed the sea life around us and even had an opportunity to feed the fish. This really was an amazing experience, as unlike diving, the helmet enabled you to have a constant supply of fresh air pumped in, perfect.

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As we stayed in an all inclusive hotel, we enjoyed an excessive amount of meals every day and really took advantage of the food. But in particular, the à la carte restaurant was outstanding, we ate…

To start:
Halloumi stuffed red peppers
Mushrooms in a creamy garlic, white wine sauce

Surf n’ Turf Sirloin Steak and Prawns, with asparagus and country wedges

For afters:
Hazelnut praline cream filled chocolate profiteroles, with vanilla pod ice cream

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Els and El



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